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Yoga Session

Yoga is not just physical exercise or asana; it is the emotional integration and spiritual elevation of something beyond imagination. It’s true equipment for meditation

So come and experience the magic of 5000 years old intangible cultural heritage on its land of origin.

Considering morning as best time to practice yoga we organize yoga session after morning tours like wakeup Mumbai tour and after morning bicycle tour

On the yoga session we practice basic meditation and relaxation exercises.

One can also opt for only yoga sessions. If you prefer only yoga session please get in touch with us for more information at

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Tour details

Price :
Shared –
Rs. 1000 per person
Private –
Rs. 4500 for up to 5 people
Rs. 8500 for up to 10 people
Session Duration :
1.15 hours
Session Time slots :
Shared –
9:15 a.m.
Private –
Anytime between 8:00 a.m to 10:00 a.m
Group Size :
10 people (for big group please contact us)
Start Point/End Point :
Start point/Endpoint : Eros cinema, Churchgate station - Locate us
What Includes :
You will be provided with yoga mats and Professional yoga tutor
Note :
  • This session is conducted in an open air garden or in a studio(during monsoon).
  • Proper Yoga clothing and toe covering shoe is recommended.
  • If any injuries from the past please highlight this to your yoga tutor before the session starts.
  • This session is best combined with Morning bicycle tour and wakeup Mumbai tour.
  • Prices exclusive of taxes
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