About Mumblu Tours

about mumblu

Mumblu stands for Mumbai blue. The stem “Mum” is to pay a tribute to the goddess of our city – Mumba Devi. The inflexion “blu” is the abbreviation for blue - the color of sky and ocean – two inherent parts of Mumbai’s landscape.

When it comes to the sky and the ocean, for Mumblu sky is the limit – we want to endlessly improve; and the ocean stands for diversity, unexplored corner and depths – Mumblu, as a company, shows diversity to our customers and helps them explore the unseen.

why mumblu

Mumblu as an organization is boosted by a combined experience of 18 years in tourism.

Customer’s satisfaction is priority for Mumblu and improving quality of services by regular analysis of customer’s feedback. Mumbai has a lot to offer and we understand that different customers have different requirements. That’s why we want to provide them a unique experience they are looking for by customizing tours.

Our Local tour guides are very aware about history, passionate about culture and have an experience talking to foreign visitors. So, pick what you want to do and our experienced tour agents will help you customize your trip to make it a memorable one.

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Our Motto

Since its inception Mumbai evolved from a fishing village to the financial capital of the country. It was a complex and time taking transformation process that required a lot of work and investment, but more importantly a strong vision, cooperation and belief.

We believe in our ability to transform so that we can provide an insight into the place to our customers and support the community at the same time to influence education and lifestyle.

Tourism is all about highlighting cultural attractions of a particular place. We want to show our customers much more than that and serve them with unforgettable experiences. And if we are showing our neighborhood for a living, then it’s our duty to contribute to our society in return.

Tourism industry functions great in India. What makes Mumblu outstanding is that we want to engage tourists in the transformation process. By that we mean contributing to the society in every way possible. We want to encourage tourists to actively support our society, not by giving them money donations, but through taking part in activities and contributing specific things as per society needs, and hence providing them with an experience they never had chance to witness before. For this reason, we do free tours.

On the free slum tour you will have a chance to witness the real life in the slums. One of our experienced local guide will show you the neighborhood, including particular schools which need support. Instead of paying us for the tour, you can offer your contribution to one of the schools ,accordingly to their actual needs. Contribution is solely dependent on your will, even if you can’t contribute; the tour remains free of charge.

meet our team

Mumblu Tours - Ankit Gajakosh

Ankit Gajakosh

Born and raised in Dharavi, Mumbai, Ankit is an MBA in marketing and digital marketing
Mumblu Tours - Salman Khan

Salman Khan

Salman, physics graduate and is very passionate to show the real Bombay (Mumbai) to his guest.

Ankit Gajakosh

Born and raised in Dharavi, Mumbai, Ankit is an MBA in marketing and digital marketing who started working part time in the tourism industry at the age of 18 to support his education.
Prior to Mumblu, he has worked with Reliance Communications Ltd, The mobile Wallet, Saffronstays.com and Atom Technologies.
Passionate about Cars and Bikes- Speak to him about cars and bikes and he would love to learn anything new you have to offer.
A travel bug himself, he likes to travel & explore and absolutely loves meeting new people and showing his mysterious yet amazing neighborhood to them and he is also a foodie, he says, “One can hold on to anything but not food.

Salman Khan

Salman, physics graduate and is very passionate to show the real Bombay (Mumbai) to his guest.
Having born and brought up in Bombay and his passion of exploring new things have led him to become a tour guide.
He believes that the tourism industry is vast and interesting so he wants his guest to have a deeper and fuller experience of his beautiful city.
Salman is a big fan of Cricket, long rides to highway Dhaba (restaurant on Highways) and he never misses the first movie show of a Bollywood movie.
For Salman Bombay is emotion and Mumbai is city.

Zeeshan Farooqui

Zeeshan is Mumbaikar and known as the Chatter Box, however when he talks it is sure that he will grab your attention.
He started working part time as a tour guide at an early age, after completing his degree in nautical science he decided to work full time in tourism.
He was always concerned of the situation in his neighborhood and he believes in bringing a change by involving tourists and he started to do that with his two friends Ankit and Salman.
Zeeshan loves to have a conversation; he likes to ride motorbike as getaway from busy city life and he doesn’t like mathematics.
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